Opening night

Well the opening night of Nocturne was something else.

Huge crowds on the streets and lining up to get into Argyle Fine Art

My show ‘The Slow Wakening’ had a great reception with 33 pieces on display until 1st November. Be sure to stop by and take a look or check out the gallery here ‘The Slow Awakening’

I would love to meet you in person so if you would like to do the same then come for an evening with the artist on Oct 25th at Argyle Fine Art




The truth about cats and dogs

I’ve been working on a collection for the up coming ‘Dog, Cats and Whatchamacallits’ exhibit for  Argle Fine Art

I’ve pushed beyond the borders of the household pet and taken things out into the wild!

Cougar, Wolf, Panther and I did manage to sneak in a little Kitty.

I decided to paint the frames metallic gold for more impact. The show kicks on February 27th. So come and find out the truth about cats and dogs!












005 (3)



That was fun!


So last night was the opening of the Preshrunk show at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax.

There were some really great pieces exhibited. I submitted 6 pieces in the show which sold by the time I showed up! So that was really exciting. To view all the pieces on line click here. Argyle Fine Art

There was definitely cause for celebration as my friend Melissa Townsend Hiltz was also a sell out…but then she usually is lol.

Thank you to the friends who showed up to support me and for the after party!



This is the drawing that got me hooked on realism.

I was working on this piece and started drawing the trickling water down her arm and it was like fireworks going off in my head as I defined the detail and started to figure out that I could actually make it look like water.  

It was that exciting moment when the pencil I was holding started to do what I wanted it to do. I was 16.



Here are the drawings that followed….





Pre-Shrunk glory

002 (4)


Now this has been a fun project. Drawing 4×5 inch pieces for the Pre-shrunk show at Argyle Gallery in Halifax.

These pieces will be hard to see go as I’ve become quite attached to their little faces and it’s such a pleasure to work on them and see speedy results.

They will be available as limited addition prints so they aren’t leaving my life completely.

I chose metallic gold for the sides of the blocks.

006 (3)


When I put them all together they are almost like an interactive art installation. 

Love them!


Box of Magic


Here’s my little box of magic.



Next weekend I’m heading down to Annapolis Royal to deliver two pieces of work to the ARCAC & Artsplace Gallery which will be on display for the next month.

I decided to submit two diverse pieces. A sheep with curly horns and a bear.

Here are all the stages of the sheep (which will also be available in limited addition prints). I had a test run with a similar looking sheep for the pre-shrunk show. Drawing it on a large scale had it’s own set of challenges (like how to cast a shadow over one side of the face without making it look hard yet still including parts of the horn in the shadow).




















And here he is! Curly and rugged!

I’m getting a custom Maple frame made for him this week so I’ll post photos of the completed piece and of course the opening show!


There maybe trouble ahead?

If your eight year old comes to you with a drawing they’ve done of a dejected naked woman, then you can be pretty sure that there may be trouble ahead lol.

I drew this at a friends house whilst my friend worked on a cheerful picture, we then went and presented our work to her Mum who gave me that ‘Are you disturbed?’ look!

003 (2)

Thankfully my parents were both artists so I was in good company, in our house these drawings were praised.

At around the same age of eight I also drew a group of naked people dancing together I think I was heavily influenced by Matisse for this one. 

016 (2)

My childhood obsession was babies in the womb, child birth and new born babies.

The nurse below has been deemed unnecessary and erased out!

What a terrible birthing position, poor woman.

006 (2)

008 (2)

Much younger in age, I think I was about five

when I drew this ill fated mermaid who has been stabbed!

011 (2)

The next page is far more optimistic.

A pregnant mermaid!!


A few years later in my early teens I was all about the  pre-raphaelites.

I couldn’t get enough of the long necks, frizzy hair and silk dresses.

This is Jane Morris wife of William Morris

and muse and lover of  Dante Gabriel Rossetti.


The mysterious Ram

It all starts with a blank piece of paper and a head full of ideas!

abigails iphone 078

The eyes come first and everything bleeds out from there.

abigails iphone 079

Almost every piece gets to that horrible point where I think I’ve lost it,

that it’s all been a waste of time.

abigails iphone 080

abigails iphone 081

Then as if by magic it starts turning around and I don’t quite know how I got there?

The whole thing is a bit of a mystery and it remains a mystery.