It’s not hard to get carried away with foxes.

I became so intrigued with these delightful and joyful creatures that I tracked down a fox breeder to see if they made suitable domestic pets!

Alas they don’t. Apparently they have a potent smell lol.

Thankfully my leaping foxes are odur free.

These three are destined for Argyle Fine Art as part of my ‘Surfacing’ series which will be featured at the ‘Spring Surge’ show with Melissa Townsend 23rd June.




Drawing bats never crossed my mind until I drew a tiny one for  Preshrunk this year. The response made me realize that people have quite an affection for these adorable creatures

I started with the one below and got completely carried away in the process because they are so delightful

These four will be featured at a collaborative show I’m excited to be a part of at Argyle this June with my dear artist buddy Melissa.

‘Spring Surge’ being the title.

We both work in different mediums (oil and charcoal) but will be interpreting similar themes of animals leaping and emerging.

My own pieces come under the name ‘Surfacing’. I feel this best sums up the curiosity, quiet joy and emerging attitude of my subjects.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this work


Canadian Wildlife

Last month I started work on a collection for Made in the Maritimes (a fantastic local store that features art and items exclusively made in Nova Scotia).

Together we decided that I create a theme around the subject of Canadian Wildlife.

It didn’t take much for the inspiration to follow.

You can find these pieces at their Hydrostone and Bedford locations as well as Here online.