There maybe trouble ahead?

If your eight year old comes to you with a drawing they’ve done of a dejected naked woman, then you can be pretty sure that there may be trouble ahead lol.

I drew this at a friends house whilst my friend worked on a cheerful picture, we then went and presented our work to her Mum who gave me that ‘Are you disturbed?’ look!

003 (2)

Thankfully my parents were both artists so I was in good company, in our house these drawings were praised.

At around the same age of eight I also drew a group of naked people dancing together I think I was heavily influenced by Matisse for this one. 

016 (2)

My childhood obsession was babies in the womb, child birth and new born babies.

The nurse below has been deemed unnecessary and erased out!

What a terrible birthing position, poor woman.

006 (2)

008 (2)

Much younger in age, I think I was about five

when I drew this ill fated mermaid who has been stabbed!

011 (2)

The next page is far more optimistic.

A pregnant mermaid!!


A few years later in my early teens I was all about the  pre-raphaelites.

I couldn’t get enough of the long necks, frizzy hair and silk dresses.

This is Jane Morris wife of William Morris

and muse and lover of  Dante Gabriel Rossetti.



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