Drawing bats never crossed my mind until I drew a tiny one for  Preshrunk this year. The response made me realize that people have quite an affection for these adorable creatures

I started with the one below and got completely carried away in the process because they are so delightful

These four will be featured at a collaborative show I’m excited to be a part of at Argyle this June with my dear artist buddy Melissa.

‘Spring Surge’ being the title.

We both work in different mediums (oil and charcoal) but will be interpreting similar themes of animals leaping and emerging.

My own pieces come under the name ‘Surfacing’. I feel this best sums up the curiosity, quiet joy and emerging attitude of my subjects.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this work


That was fun!


So last night was the opening of the Preshrunk show at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax.

There were some really great pieces exhibited. I submitted 6 pieces in the show which sold by the time I showed up! So that was really exciting. To view all the pieces on line click here. Argyle Fine Art

There was definitely cause for celebration as my friend Melissa Townsend Hiltz was also a sell out…but then she usually is lol.

Thank you to the friends who showed up to support me and for the after party!


Pre-Shrunk glory

002 (4)


Now this has been a fun project. Drawing 4×5 inch pieces for the Pre-shrunk show at Argyle Gallery in Halifax.

These pieces will be hard to see go as I’ve become quite attached to their little faces and it’s such a pleasure to work on them and see speedy results.

They will be available as limited addition prints so they aren’t leaving my life completely.

I chose metallic gold for the sides of the blocks.

006 (3)


When I put them all together they are almost like an interactive art installation. 

Love them!


The Wild Ram

I’ve never worked on such a small-scale! 

This is a piece I’m going to be submitting to Argyle Gallery for their Preshrunk show where all art has to be 4×5 inches (about the size of my hand). It’s actually really refreshing to work on something of this scale because it progresses quickly. 

unnamed (2)

I now have a dinning room wall which is being taken over by potential Preshrunk pieces.


Here is the time line for this little wild ram.

It’s all in the eyes, if they aren’t right then nothings right!


unnamed (1)


unnamed (2)