Horned sheep

Another profile! Another challenge to get the personality across with only one eye to work with and when it comes to sheep there is also a somewhat stern nose to contend with too.


This was him after the first session. I was happy with the eye but not the horn or nose.


Then it all got too heavy and contrasting (too much white charcoal). Time to strip back and simplify. 


Subsequent sessions later…… 


I spent a lot of time on the fine details of horns and curls to bring character and texture to him. In the end I was really pleased but I learnt that

a sheep nose is niether straight forward….nor straight! 


When art changes direction

I started working on this piece with the intention of the horse being white and the background light…but I can’t shake this black thing.

As soon as I darken my art it suddenly takes on this powerful atmosphere creeps in. It’s an irresistible direction that I can’t seem to move away from at this time.

I have ideas of where I want to go…but in the end the art decides.





img_0154 img_0186



Finished piece. Also available in limited edition print.



The Bull and the Bear

I was asked by a good friend at Pinnacle wealth to do a piece of art for his office wall.

The Bull&Bear represents the financial market. This piece was a challenge because it required two animals on one piece (40×30) and both of them in profile. The toughest thing about profile is capturing personality. There is much less to work with, the eyes are not looking at me, expression is tricky. Also the profile of a bear can easily look like a dog…





In the end what brought the most atmosphere was the lighting. These two beasts are having a stand off and I wanted even the hairs on their backs to be on alert with anticipation.


Just love drawing the fine hairs.



Finished piece.

Opening night

Well the opening night of Nocturne was something else.

Huge crowds on the streets and lining up to get into Argyle Fine Art

My show ‘The Slow Wakening’ had a great reception with 33 pieces on display until 1st November. Be sure to stop by and take a look or check out the gallery here ‘The Slow Awakening’

I would love to meet you in person so if you would like to do the same then come for an evening with the artist on Oct 25th at Argyle Fine Art




The truth about cats and dogs

I’ve been working on a collection for the up coming ‘Dog, Cats and Whatchamacallits’ exhibit for  Argle Fine Art

I’ve pushed beyond the borders of the household pet and taken things out into the wild!

Cougar, Wolf, Panther and I did manage to sneak in a little Kitty.

I decided to paint the frames metallic gold for more impact. The show kicks on February 27th. So come and find out the truth about cats and dogs!












005 (3)



That was fun!


So last night was the opening of the Preshrunk show at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax.

There were some really great pieces exhibited. I submitted 6 pieces in the show which sold by the time I showed up! So that was really exciting. To view all the pieces on line click here. Argyle Fine Art

There was definitely cause for celebration as my friend Melissa Townsend Hiltz was also a sell out…but then she usually is lol.

Thank you to the friends who showed up to support me and for the after party!



This is the drawing that got me hooked on realism.

I was working on this piece and started drawing the trickling water down her arm and it was like fireworks going off in my head as I defined the detail and started to figure out that I could actually make it look like water.  

It was that exciting moment when the pencil I was holding started to do what I wanted it to do. I was 16.



Here are the drawings that followed….





Pre-Shrunk glory

002 (4)


Now this has been a fun project. Drawing 4×5 inch pieces for the Pre-shrunk show at Argyle Gallery in Halifax.

These pieces will be hard to see go as I’ve become quite attached to their little faces and it’s such a pleasure to work on them and see speedy results.

They will be available as limited addition prints so they aren’t leaving my life completely.

I chose metallic gold for the sides of the blocks.

006 (3)


When I put them all together they are almost like an interactive art installation. 

Love them!