Abigail Lower Art | Arthur
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Arthur original - Abigail Lower Art
About This Project

The gentle buffalo is a symbol of abundance. They are magnificent yet peaceful beings who enrich their environment and give back to the land. Wearing a thick ebony coat they walk into the elements of the wilderness with quiet strength.


Arthur the peaceful beast had to present the calm spirit that naturally emanates from this ancient animal. Capturing that spirit through loving eyes a soft curly main and a gentle light took time. There was a richness to the hours spent with the soul.




This is a replica of the what the print will look like (excluding the watermark).


It is available as a square or in portrait.


Smallest size = 105 x 148mm / 4.1 x 5.8in. [Width x height].

Largest size = 120 x 240cm / 4 foot x 8 foot. [Width x height].

Any custom size in-between.


Contact us to buy Arthur.