Abigail Lower Art | Eugene
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Eugene original - Abigail Lower Art
About This Project

The mountain sheep with its curly coat and horns wanders the hills and rocky outcrops, grazing endlessly in search of the grassy knoll of sheep dreams.


Eugene was like falling into a world of curves both soft and hard, on bone and hair. Exquisite shapes form to create this very simple and straightforward creature.




This is a replica of the what the print will look like (excluding the watermark).


It is available as a square or in landscape.


Smallest size = 148 x 105mm / 5.8 x 4.1in. [Width x height].

Largest size = 240 x 120cm / 8 foot x 4 foot. [Width x height].

Any custom size in-between.


Contact us to buy Eugene.