Abigail Lower Art | William
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William original - Abigail Lower Art
About This Project

Emerging from the shadows this beautiful species holds everything together with strength and quiet confidence. A resting place for birds, an anchor to the Earth.


I have a soft spot for William… the folds in the ear, the curve in the horn. Fine hair, bone, and skin all together in one place on this magnificent beast. He can be fierce but instead, here he is, gentle.




This is a replica of the what the print will look like (excluding the watermark).


It is available as a square or in landscape.


Smallest size = 148 x 105mm / 5.8 x 4.1in. [Width x height].

Largest size = 240 x 120cm / 8 foot x 4 foot. [Width x height].

Any custom size in-between.


Contact us to buy William.